‘Furry Green’ snake found in Northeast Thailand

One factor we don’t usually need in Thailand is a fur coat. Unless you’re a snake.
A native of Sakhon Nakhon province in Northeast Thailand has discovered a uncommon species of snake just near his residence final month… a snake with green fur. Expires of green fur!
The local man, Tu, is now awaiting for authorities to identify the unusual reptile. Other locals reportedly informed media they believe the snake could be a puff-faced water snake. They say that if it is one, then the ‘fur’ rising on it’s moss that started to develop on its physique when it waited to catch prey in shallow and rocky crevices.
Puff-faced water snakes are principally dark brown or black. They are extremely venomous, and found primarily in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. They come in several variations.
Tu is presently keeping the snake he discovered at his house, while he waits for authorities to identify it. He found it in a dirty swamp. Tu’s niece told Yahoo News she thought the snake could be a good opportunity to teach people.
“I have never seen a snake that appeared like this before. My family and I thought it would be useful to let people find out what it’s and analysis about it”.
A video of the snake has been posted on Youtube beneath an account named TRUTHS STRANGER. It is full with dramatic music (which makes the snake appear greener and furrier)..

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