Petrol station attendant in Bangkok loses leg after being hit by another automotive while servicing

บริษัทติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ชั้นนำ in Bangkok had to get his leg amputated after a automotive slammed into him and another automotive whereas he was filling up the gas. A driver, who had little expertise behind the wheel, misplaced control of her new automotive, crashing into one other car and the attendant. She had simply bought the automobile that day and Thai media reported her as a “beginner driver.”

The proprietor of the car that got hit shared pictures of the accident on her Facebook account which showed the grey-blue automobile smashed up against her white automotive on the petrol station in Bangkok’s Bang Khun Tien district. A massive stain of blood was on the ground. She wrote…

“Parking to replenish the fuel. Where did this automobile come from? Absolutely unlucky. I Feel sorry for the workers who misplaced his leg”.
The petrol station proprietor, Sathorn Simuang, informed Thai media that the petrol station attendant travelled from a neighbouring nation to work in Thailand and has been working on the station for over 10 years. He says the attendant was distraught after losing their right leg and refused to eat. The proprietor says promised other job positions for the attendant after they recover.
SOURCES: Khaosod | Sanook

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