Thailand to welcome British Foreign Secretary as part of Southeast Asia visit

The British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, will visit Thailand as part of a Southeast Asia trip that may even see her travel to Malaysia and Indonesia. According to a Reuters report, the purpose of the week-long journey is to strengthen the UK’s economic and security ties in the region.
The UK is increasingly trying to nations past Europe because it seeks to forge ties with different areas, following its controversial departure from the EU. Truss says the Southeast Asia visit reflects the region’s importance to Britain.
“I need to place Britain the place the future development is and to consider who our major partners shall be in 2050 and past. Southeast Asia would be the engine of the worldwide economy and I need Britain to be part of that, upgrading our financial and security relations with the region to mirror its growing importance.”
The Foreign Secretary will journey to Malaysia on Sunday, with plans to meet with leaders and foreign ministries both there and in Thailand. According to Downloadable , topics up for discussion embrace commerce and cooperation on defence and security, as properly as increasing funding within the digital and tech sectors. While in Indonesia, Truss can also be expected to carry talks on overseas policy matters corresponding to Afghanistan and Myanmar, whereas looking for closer cooperation on counterterrorism measures and cyber safety..

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