The Turbinator from Knowsley SK – Always offering precision proportioning

In-line water driven foam proportioning pumps have turn into more and more well-liked within the last decade. Their low strain drop and correct foam proportioning over a extensive range of flows are needed in lots of methods. But this technology is not simple: the equipment available on the market until now might be quite sophisticated and delicate to contamination and over dashing. The new Turbinator water driven foam proportioning pump developed by Knowsley SK effectively solves these problems, making this expertise the popular selection for a extensive range of fire fighting methods.
Precision proportioning – Always
The Turbinator is a optimistic displacement foam proportioning pump designed for Fixed and Mobile functions. The unit is pushed by a special volumetric water motor which is directly coupled to a precision gear foam pump. Because เกจวัดแรงกด of the Turbinator are constructive displacement units, the ratio of froth concentrate to firewater is mounted over the complete operating vary. This makes Turbinator the ideal proportioning expertise for systems with completely different flows, such as multi-legged deluge techniques, sprinkler methods and mobile massive incident tools.
เพรสเชอร์เกจดิจิตอล does not require setting up or on-site adjustment – the proportioning fee is achieved at any move price and pressure inside the operating range.
MAXI Turbinator installed on fastened skid feeding foam pouring techniques on storage tanks and bunds.
Technology constructed to last – Forever
With Turbinator know-how, Knowsley introduced a versatile, abrasion resistant paddle material within the water motor which supplies the unit its distinctive put on characteristics. The usual contamination present in fireplace water doesn’t injury the paddles. Overspeed up to 120% of the nominal circulate, which can happen throughout routinely controlled activation of huge systems, does not injury the unit. In addition, the Turbinator resists dry running in accordance with NFPA20.
Design and installation: Simple as 1-2-3
The close-coupled design presents a really compact and efficient installation with just three connections: fire water inlet (1), foam concentrate inlet (2) and foam resolution outlet (3). The unit may be put in instantly into vertical or horizontal piping methods. The Turbinator foam pump delivers 3m suction top easily, which makes it possible to install the foam concentrate tank beneath the unit set up stage – even with excessive viscosity concentrates in arctic conditions (thick foams). Simple, value efficient atmospheric foam tanks are fantastic for Turbinator.
With its distinctive low differential strain, Turbinator matches in probably the most complicated techniques, even when lengthy pipe runs or static strain loss are concerned. Turbinator does not require exterior energy supply or control circuits and is secure for any ATEX environment.
The Turbinator is on the market in 3 sizes from 500 l/min to 12’000 l/min with proportioning of 1% and 3% with freshwater and saltwater construction. Each Turbinator built in our Manchester, UK manufacturing facility is 100% functionally tested on a excessive move test rig through its whole operating vary guaranteeing performance at all times.
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