Asia News Today | China beneath lockdown & South Korea upholds ban on tattooing

Tens of tens of millions of individuals in China are beneath lockdown, together with within the largest metropolis Shanghai. Thailand’s infection numbers continue to creep up, already a lot larger than at their peak last 12 months. Hong Kong morgues are overwhelmed and patients are being turned away from hospitals. In South Korea, well being authorities are reporting probably the most instances per capita on the earth. Vietnam is also reporting record case numbers, being within the high 5 for total infections, globally, over the previous few days. In other components of Asia, the story is barely totally different, with the worst of their Omicron surge, seemingly in the rearview mirror. Over the previous two years, places like Singapore, South Korea, and even China, had been reported as Covid-19 success stories… their stringent, even draconian border guidelines serving to them to keep case numbers low. And complete deaths too, when compared to a lot of the the rest of the world. And a bit further south there have been very low an infection rates in Australia and New Zealand before the Omicron variant overwhelmed their earlier defences. How this has happened is the topic of a special Asia News Today report over the weekend on The Thaiger YouTube channel, called ‘Asia within the Covid Twilight Zone’. —–

Yesterday, in a extremely staged and provocative struggle games state of affairs, US and Filipino marines leaped out of amphibious autos and helicopters to defend an island, in this case, a northern Filipino island, from potential aggressors in a pointed struggle exercise and show of American firepower. The exercise was staged in Claveria town, on a seashore going through each China and Taiwan — a clear message being sent from both the Philippine and US governments on addressing China’s rising influence and ambitions, and its claims over Taiwan. The mock combat had a happy ending for the allied forces successfully who were in a place to the island before it could probably be seized by un-named invaders. Called Balikatan… the Filipino word for ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ … the annual workouts will proceed up to April eight with nearly 9,000 navy, marines, air drive and army troops participating in what US and Filipino navy officers are calling “real-world challenges”. There was 5,one hundred American navy personnel involved within the latest extremely publicised example of sabre-rattling over the thorny South China Sea and Taiwan issues. Last week, the US Indo-Pacific commander said that China had absolutely militarised no less than three of the islands it constructed within the South China Sea and claimed they’d armed them with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile techniques, laser and jamming equipment. ——

During a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister in China, the Indonesian FM Retno Marsudi has pressed Moscow to end its five week war with Ukraine. She spoke about the urgent humanitarian scenario in Ukraine and the ripple results on neighbouring nations and the global financial system. The comments are a stroll back from Indonesia’s earlier impartial stance on the battle. She said….Indonesia conveyed the importance of ending the struggle instantly due to its tremendous humanitarian impact, not to point out its impact on global financial restoration. Whilst in Beijing she also spoke to the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi asking Beijing to help efforts to end the Russian invasion. She later advised reporters that she conveyed the significance to all parties, together with China, to push for a direct finish to the struggle. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, more than 4 million Ukrainians have fled the country, in accordance with UN figures. ——

Now for a particular Asia News Today report about Sri Lanka….As of yesterday, diesel is almost unimaginable to search out at stations across Sri Lanka. Greatest is on sale however briefly provide, with many drivers, waiting in lengthy queues, abandoning their vehicles. Private businesses say they’ve already run out of gas, and even skeleton providers will not be attainable in retail shops and offices after today. Now, Sri Lanka is grappling with a 13 hour energy blackout, the longest outtage ever recorded. The state owned electricity provider reports that it will be forced to implement a thirteen hour power cut that began yesterday as a result of they didn’t have diesel for mills. Many of the country’s public hospitals have now been pressured to stop surgical procedures as a outcome of they’ve run out of crucial life-saving medicines. This is on top of a shortage of important goods, and high value spikes, caused by a broad import ban imposed in 2020 because of Sri Lanka’s debt. One electrical energy board chairman says that hydro reservoirs, which offer greater than a third of electricity, are now dangerously low, with the country’s annual moist season not expected until July. The power outages have prompted enraged protests across Sri Lanka, as lots of of drivers proceed to block primary roads in a number of cities. The chairman of the non-public bus operators says that busses won’t be able to run in the occasion that they don’t get provides urgently. ——

South Korea’s Constitutional Court has upheld a ban on tattooing, confirming South Korea as the only developed nation that solely allows fully certified medical professionals to carry out tattoo procedures. Tattoo artists, who largely work in South Korea’s underground economic system, have criticised the decision, describing it as backward and missing cultural understanding. Despite the long-standing ban, South Korea has almost 50,000 tattoo artists, who face police raids and day by day prosecution for conducting their companies. Violating the ban is punishable with fines of round US$41,300, in addition to draconian prison phrases, up to a full life sentence. In a 5-4 vote, the Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that the law was constitutional. It dismissed the fits, saying tattooing brings potential unwanted facet effects and questions of safety. While tattoos should be coated up on Korean television, many celebrities, including members of K-pop bands, are now flaunting them. Most notably, Jungkook from South Korean superstars, BTS, has

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