Choose the right pump for your JoJo tank

Installing a JoJo tank to reap rainwater or as back-up storage to municipal water provide is the primary step in water storage for most homeowners. But once the tank is in place and linked, choosing the proper pump can be a challenge.
Luckily, JoJo has a wide range of pump solutions to choose from. Before making your pick, ask yourself these questions:
Where is the JoJo installation in your property, and is noise a factor to consider? If your tanks are near a bed room window and the pump is connected to a rest room, you don’t want a noisy pump that will wake you up in the center of the night if a family member makes use of the loo! The same applies if your tanks are on the property’s borders – angry WhatsApps from neighbours shouldn’t be part of your water storage journey.
pressure gauge ด้าน ดูด and boast noise ranges under 60dB. To put this into perspective: 60dB is the sound a normal air conditioner makes when it’s operating. With a Centrifugal Pump, you might be able to move larger volumes of water, but these pumps sometimes have noise ranges between 60 and 74dB.
Use this handy guide when deciding on your JoJo pump:
Did you know?
JoJo’s Variable Speed Drive (VSD) pumps are best for homes with solar power.
What is the pump’s main purpose? If the pump might be pushing water to your dishwasher or washing machine, then the smallest pump will do. But if your JoJo tanks are related to your showers and bathrooms, and an irrigation system for your backyard, a stronger pump is critical – again, remember to consider noise levels when you install a a lot bigger pump. If essential, select a different place for your JoJo installation so noise doesn’t turn out to be an issue.
This diagram shows which pump will best suit your wants. To make the best choice, depend the number of bogs the booster pump will have to service, and if connected to your irrigation system, rely the variety of influence sprinklers, pop-ups or misting sprinklers that require a gentle push of water.
Installation of a booster pump is easy, because of a JoJo Pump-to-Tank Connector Kit. Be sure to add one to your basket.
A JoJo Pump Cover is important to protect your pump from the weather; one dimension matches all JoJo pumps so bear this in mind when planning your set up, especially if you do not need the pump cowl to be visible.
Submersible pumps are a wonderful option when noise is a factor to consider. These pumps are installed inside the tank, which means the water serves as a ‘silencer’ – JoJo shall be launching a new range inside the next few months.
Get an electrician to put in an out of doors plug level the place the tank will be positioned.
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