Covid-19 and the coup might push half of Myanmar into poverty

With the devastating double whammy of a worldwide pandemic and the navy coup descending into civil warfare, the UN fears that nearly half the people of Myanmar might be dwelling in poverty by next year. The United Nations Development Program predicted that up to 25 million Burmese folks might endure below the poverty line by the beginning of 2022.
The nation had already suffered economically from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the civil unrest led to even bigger financial shutdowns. The effects of the coup during the pandemic could undo sixteen years of progress in which the Burmese poverty ranges dropped in half in the years since 2005. Amidst the chaos though, the United Nation fears a slip back into poverty for the troubled nation.
Recently, extra refugees have been desperately crossing the border into Thailand as ethnic insurgent groups interact in violent clashes with the Burmese military. The February 1 coup that deposed the elected government and plunge the nation into navy rule has spawned widespread protests, which were met with harsh crackdowns and more than 750 civilian deaths, and four,500 folks detained.
With Lost and violence proliferating all through the nation, the Burmese navy finds itself the target of two dissenting movements. Ethnic minorities within the north and east of Myanmar have spent decades clashing with navy forces and now discover themselves allied with the demonstrators who struggle the identical army forces. Some ethnic rebel groups have aided and sheltered activists who flee via the regions that they management.
Just recently the Karen National Union seized and destroyed military posts, with the Burmese army responding by launching airstrikes in the region. Civilians caught in the crossfire have escaped and rising numbers throughout the rivers in jungles into Thailand. 2,267 Burmese refugees have been recorded entering the Mae Hong Son province to find security.
OCHA, a humanitarian company of the United Nations says more than 30,000 Burmese nationals have been displaced by navy clashes simply in the final month and a half, contributing to growing poverty in Myanmar..

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