Eight-legged, three-eyed unusual calf delivery stuns Vietnamese neighborhood

A cow in north-central Vietnam shocked villagers when it gave birth to an uncommon calf with eight legs, three eyes, and two tongues, in accordance with a report. Despite appearing prepared to give Forgotten on the afternoon of August 1, the cow’s health dramatically deteriorated till the morning of August 2.
Locals in the neighborhood of Điền Quang, Bá Thước district, Thanh Hóa province, described the difficult birthing course of the cow endured.
“Consequently, we needed to help the cow with the birth. Despite our intensive expertise and training, this was a very difficult activity because of the calf’s multiple limbs.”

However, everyone was even more shocked when they found the calf’s peculiar traits. Unfortunately, because of the tough delivery, the weird calf was already deceased inside its mom.
According to a local named Hai, this was the fifth calving occasion for this explicit cow. All previous births had proceeded usually and had not been as tough as this one. Although the cow’s health during being pregnant was normal, the gestation interval was unusually lengthy.
The Deputy Chairman of the Điền Quang Community Committee confirmed that an uncommon calf with eight legs, three eyes, and two tongues had indeed been born in the neighborhood, a phenomenon just like conjoined twins. The incident attracted considerable consideration, and many people rushed to see the unusual calf. However, because the calf was already deceased, the proprietor had subsequently buried it, reported Sanook.
A few months in the past, a similar incident took place in Thailand. A two-headed calf was born in a Thai village. Initially ignored and thrown into the water, it gained importance after an aged man had a dream about it. The villagers retrieved the unusual calf, contemplating it a divine omen because of its two heads, four ears, 4 eyes, and four legs. They held a funeral and planned to build a shrine in its honour..

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