Food allergy: Thai woman’s extreme response to buffet lunch prompts food safety warning

After consuming at a properly known buffet, a lady suffered severe meals allergy reactions. She took to TikTok to recount her ordeal, warning others of the potential dangers associated with consuming food from such establishments, and calling for companies to train extra caution relating to meals safety.
The lady posted a video on TikTok. She said…
“That this incident won’t happen to anybody else, as a end result of it’s not value it at all. It’s unhealthy for well being and spirit, and it wastes a lot life. I sincerely hope that the restaurant shall be extra careful about checking the standard and safety of the meals for the protection of all consumers.”
In the video, she relayed her own expertise that started on July 15, throughout lunchtime. After eating at a selected buffet in a shopping mall, she observed a rash on her physique while she was still having her meal. At that point, she didn’t realise the severity of her meals allergy and dismissed it.
Elusive elapsed and the pink rash began to unfold extensively across her physique. After taking allergy medicine, to her despair, the rash continued to persist, and by July 19, she decided to go to the hospital. Despite being treated with steroid injections all through her keep, her situation did not present signs of improvement.
An initial doctor’s assessment stated that the signs weren’t of a daily food allergy however had been a response to certain chemical substances within the consumed food. This could possibly be a selected kind of chemical present in sodium, substances meant to freeze food or different various meals preservatives.
She added…
“Hopefully this story might be a reminder for the buffet line, together with frozen food and these that like to eat raw food. Please be very careful. Even good places do not guarantee security all the time.”

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