Kanchanaburi police chief denies link to viral video with YouTuber My Mate Nate

The Commander of the Kanchanaburi Provincial Police Office vehemently denied any involvement of his police officers within the video that includes the American YouTuber, Nathan Bartling, also called My Mate Nate.
The viral video, created by Bartling, showcased him, his team members, and 50 individuals dressed as police officers partaking in a hide-and-seek recreation at an abandoned shopping center. While many viewers discovered the video thrilling, numerous feedback criticized Bartling for inappropriately involving the police.
The Royal Thai Police (RTP) launched an intensive investigation into the viral video and determined that it was filmed at an deserted shopping mall within the Tha Makham sub-district, Mueang district, within Kanchanaburi province. The people appearing as police officers within the video were reportedly affiliated with the Kanchanaburi Provincial Police Office.
Nevertheless, the commanding officer of the police station, Pairoj Kumphai, staunchly maintained that his group totally investigated the matter and located no evidence of any officers from the province collaborating in the video. According to Pairoj, the related departments are currently collaborating to identify the individuals seen in the footage.
Moreover, Pairoj revealed that Bartling had not sought permission from the provincial police office to produce the video. Further investigation is critical to ascertain whether Bartling’s staff had obtained permission from local police stations or any other related authorities.
A Thai man, who claimed to have participated in the video, spoke to Channel eight to clarify that he was not a police officer but an actor. Bartling’s staff had approached the media company employing the man, and he was assigned the role of a police officer in the video.
The man talked about that there have been only 40 officers current within the video, with merely three to four of them being real law enforcement officials.
Bartling and his staff members may even be summoned for added questioning on the Kanchanaburi Provincial Police Office.
During yesterday’s press convention, Pairoj emphasized that the video did not present a optimistic picture of the police force, as some netizens believed. Pairoj said…
“Police officers have their own duties, which do not involve enjoying video games with YouTubers. They can do it in their free time however not within the police uniform. To function in the uniform, permission is needed. ”
ORIGINAL STORY: American YouTuber critisised for hiring 50 Thai police to play sport with him
Thai netizens criticised an American YouTuber, Nathan Bartling, popularly identified amongst Thai people as My Mate Nate, after he hired 50 Thai law enforcement officials to participate in a game featured in considered one of his new movies.
On June 17, Bartling, shared a video of a hide-and-seek recreation between his team and Thai police officers on his Facebook web page and Youtube Channel. In the video, Bartling, shouted…
“I employed 50 law enforcement officials to hunt for me and my staff members in the abandoned shopping mall!”
After he finished his introduction, Bartling explain the rules of the sport. His team had a mere 10 minutes to seek out hiding spots all through the complete constructing while the cops had one hour to seek for them.
Each of Bartling’s group members hid in several ways. One member disguised himself as a bush, one buried himself underground, one wore an authority’s uniform, and one other one hid in the wooden box. Bartling chose to hide on the rooftop.
At the end of the sport, the police managed to find solely three members out of seven. Bartling invited the officers to hitch his game once more, this time with 100 officers and police dogs. However, the release of the subsequent episode of the sequence remains unsure due to the criticism received from Thai netizens.
Some asked whether or not the police joined the game during their responsibility or not. Others argued that the officers ought to remain at their police stations, out there for any emergency conditions. Many condemned Bartling and the police for their recklessness.
However, many netizens believed the sport offered useful training for the officers. They stated it was like training for the officers. The candidate for Prime Minister from the Thai Sang Thai Party, Sita Divari, also agreed that this recreation performed like coaching for police. Sita stated…
“I spent 22.22 minutes watching this! Untold cancelled all the telephone calls for this. It is very exciting like watching a live video. Zany had plenty of fun. I contemplate this sport as training for the police. I like how each officer played the sport. It changes their pictures and makes them look extra friendly and approachable. It is good! I don’t suppose it was a waste of their time. It gave a lot of benefits!”
The Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (RTP), Damrongsak Kittipraphat, announced that each Bartling and the law enforcement officials concerned within the video would face legal consequences in the event that they did not get hold of permission to produce the video.
Damrongsk explained that an investigation can be performed to verify the identities of the members, figuring out whether or not they were certainly real law enforcement officials. He revealed that a few of the people involved had been confirmed as legitimate officers.
According to the commissioner, any manufacturing company or division in search of to feature Thai police officers of their media should submit the plot, plan, dialogue, and other details to the RTP no less than 5 days prior to graduation.
Moreover, someone impersonating cops, despite not holding such a place, would face a penalty of imprisonment of up to one year, a fine of up to 2,000 baht, or both.
Prior to this drama, Bartling can be criticised for producing video content material that imitates the famous American YouTuber, MrBeast, or James Stephen Donaldson..

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