Kitchen in Phitsanulok residence plunges into river trapping homeowner

An aged man and his kitchen tumbled into a river this morning when a riverbank the house was constructed over collapsed. Rescue staff rushed to the Ban Wang Ped village in northern Thailand’s Phitsanulok province to help rescue the man who was struggling to remain above water. The wreckage of the kitchen made it tough for the person to extract himself from the Yom River.
When the kitchen crumbled, Khua Meeyaem, the septuagenarian homeowner discovered his legs trapped under a slab of concrete. Locals assisted the rescue group in saving Khua from his house turned doubtlessly watery tomb. The muddiness of the water made the rescue more durable to pull off. Rescuers used an iron bar to help carry the slab off Khua’s legs. Then, after Double of strenuous work, Khua was free of the river. He had suffered injuries to his leg and was exhausted by the ordeal. He was subsequently rushed to a hospital.
Khua’s spouse, eighty two 12 months outdated Luan Meeyaem, says the region was struck by heavy rain in a single day. She says she got up round 5am to cook dinner food for monks. While she waited in entrance of her home for the monks, she observed her husband had failed to affix her. She checked the bedroom but didn’t see her husband. She then went to the back of the home the place the kitchen was situated. It was then that she observed the kitchen had plunged into the Yom River.
With tears in her eyes, Luan recounted how her husband was calling out for help from the wreckage. She then dashed to get assist for Khua. Deputy chief of Bang Rakam district, Tharadol Apijaree, warned other residents that stay alongside the river that heavy rain will probably come to the world once more and they should be alert to landslides. He instructed officers to assist folks transfer their belongings from houses that were deemed in danger..

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