Malaysia and Indonesia resolve maritime disputes, enhance bilateral ties

The relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia has reached a level of which both nations could be proud, according to Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. He attributed this achievement to the close and familial ties between himself and Indonesian President Joko Widodo, as properly as the rapport amongst authorities officials. These strong connections have led to the decision of several long-standing points, including maritime border disputes between the 2 nations in the Sulawesi Sea.
“The enhanced understanding and cooperation cast inside a brief time with Indonesia is extraordinary and will certainly bring about many positive impacts and benefits for the individuals and the country. The close relationship had made it simpler for us in plenty of areas…the president and I are very proud that because of it (close relationship), we were in a place to remedy that one concern which we have been negotiating for years,” Anwar stated at a joint press convention after holding a meeting with Joko Widodo on the Seri Perdana Complex.
Results that the signing of six bilateral instruments associated to financial system, commerce, borders, and maritime today demonstrated that beforehand difficult matters can be resolved via the family-like relationship between the two nations..

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