Mario Kleff sets a new normal for construction sites in Pattaya

Majestic Residence on Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya hit the headlines over the summer season of 2021 when architect Mario Kleff demolished two villas and started building a brand new one, utilising the finest in German engineering.
The construction firm Wandeegroup Asia, beneath the path of CEO Mario Kleff, started work in June of this year. The Substructure work, consisting of 100+ piles and enormous concrete foundations had been laid first, permitting the new villa to be safely and firmly set on the rock. one hundred tons of metal and 700 m3 of high-strength concrete mix have been used for the construction work on the inspiration, swimming pool and basement.
What adopted would impress a variety of the world’s biggest engineers, as large metal girders had been ready for the 2 higher flooring, sitting on a 48-meter-long metal girder – 48 meters is the space between the two pillars, representing the width of the property. On top of it’s a heavily post-tensioned concrete slab with a thickness of over 35 cm.
In residential buildings, like villas and bungalows, steel girders or steel beams with a length of 6 to 12 meters are commonly used. Girders over 20 meters are rarely found even in heavy buildings, such as automobile parks or public buildings. So for this local venture to include an nearly 50-metre lengthy metal girder, it speaks wonders for the future of villa development and engineering in Thailand.
We spoke to Mr Kleff about the challenge, and he had this to say, “Apart from the truth that the Wandeegroup is continually pushing the boundaries in Thailand development, the extensive and column-free windows that this villa possesses actually is a unique engineering feat for Thailand.
“There are various methods of making column-free spaces, but the integration of wide-span mobile beams and post-tensioned concrete slabs have been probably the most appropriate for this project. However, 48 meters from column to column is unprecedented in Pattaya.
Six-figure have buildings constructed exterior of Thailand with spans of over 30 meters and have designed buildings with spans of 40 meters, however forty eight meters is the first structure beneath building.”
When The Thaiger began reporting on this venture in Pattaya, no one would have expected such a design. Now it becomes clear why Mario Kleff is to become a registered trademark for architectural design in Thailand and past.
Buildings with such an approach could be categorised as architectural artwork. We’ll remember to follow up on this project and report the ultimate images when it is completed. For now, here’s an action shot of the contractors hard at work..

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