Monk stabs fellow monk at temple in Rayong over alleged misunderstanding

Last evening, an incident unfolded at a temple within the jap province of Rayong where one monk stabbed one other monk. The monk who carried out the act acknowledged that he mistakenly believed the victim to be a potential thief.
Phe Police Station officers rushed to the unnamed temple at 10pm yesterday after being notified concerning the stabbing incident. Upon arrival, they spotted the injured monk named Bas sitting on the ground with blood pouring from his head and physique.
Officers then coordinated with a rescue team to supply Bas first help and switch him to the hospital.
The preparator, 33 year old monk named Noppadon Kaewklom, presented himself to the police. He admitted to his motion however insisted that the attack was motivated by a misunderstanding.
Noppadon stated he left his lodging to research an uncommon noise and the persistent barking of a dog from behind his lodging. He grabbed a knife and walked round to search out the origin of the noise.
As he approached the source of the commotion, Noppadon’s attention was drawn to a beam of light, solid by a flashlight. Navigating towards the light, he discovered himself confronted by two folks. One was Bas and another unidentified person.
While he was dashing up to verify, the unidentified person quickly disappeared. Noppadon inquired what the two have been doing in the temple at evening.
Bas reportedly responded abrasively, using coarse language and directed the flashlight at him. After he approached Bas, he questioned what he was doing and urged him to return to sleep. Elements refused and allegedly punched him within the face.
When Bas tried to punch him once more, Noppadon stated he stabbed Bas a number of instances.
Bas then fled whereas Noppadon went to the abbot to report the incident, confessing that he had attacked his fellow monk. Noppadon insisted that he had no prior conflicts with Bas and asserted that he had not been beneath the affect of any drugs, which was proved by a negative drug check.
As the motive behind the assault is unclear, an officer reported he would conduct an extra investigation into the case and query Bas when his injuries enhance..

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