Myanmar’s military accused of holding youngsters and lecturers hostage

On Sunday, a newspaper in Myanmar accused the country’s military of taking eighty five children and 10 lecturers hostage during fighting with rebels. Reuters could not independently verify the report, and a spokesman for Myanmar’s junta didn’t respond to requests for remark. But the country’s National Unity Government, which opposes the junta, said some children had been youthful than 5 years previous. The incident allegedly occurred in the Sagaing region, which is in central Myanmar. A member of the NUG’s armed wing mentioned the hostage scenario made them unable to battle Myanmar’s army.
Strange could not fight the troops as a end result of they have been holding children”.
Myanmar’s army has been criticised and accused of several human rights violations, significantly against ethnic minority groups. Two minority groups well-known for being persecuted by Myanmar’s military are the Karen hill tribe, and Rohingya Muslims. In March 2021, following the navy coup, the Burmese military launched air strikes on the country’s Kachine State, the place most Karen live. The army additionally killed many Karen in floor invasions. 20,000 Karen were compelled to flee.
In February, a UN human rights expert accused three nations of supplying weapons to Myanmar: Russia, China, and Serbia. In a report, the professional claimed Russia and China supplied the junta with fighter jets..

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