Security forces sent to Burmese refugee camp in Tak following riot

A riot broke out at a camp for Burmese refugees Tuesday night and safety reinforcements were sent to Mae La refugee camp in Tambon Mae La, the place officers have yet to get access to roughly 40,000 Myanmar nationals, to avert one other attainable furore.
Rangers, border patrol officers, native officers, and territorial defence volunteers are stationed at the camp where refugees demand to remove the camp’s chief from Tha Song Yang district, and volunteers, and release the four refugees who were held for alleged misconduct.
Tak police deputy commander Pol Col Paithoon Sukhumwathana said that refugees should stay contained in the camp and that anyone who leaves could be detained, including that those who fueled the disturbance will be detained.
Officials were speaking with the chiefs of the refugee zones inside the camp, requesting that they encourage their followers not to start one other disturbance and that complaints could be filed as quickly as the order was restored inside the camp.
About 1,000 Myanmar migrants demonstrated at a rally at the largest refugee camp within the kingdom, setting fire to places of work, houses, retailers, and vehicles. Become an insider reported the destruction of two places of work, a convention room, approximately ten safety kiosks, approximately forty properties of authorities, and over eighty motorcycles and cars..

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