Thai hen advancement: CPF targets space-grade safety for production

In Extraordinary daring step indicative of its commitment to product safety, Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF) has set its sights on the celebrities. Taking its poultry merchandise to new heights, CPF is joining the “Thai Food Mission to Space” programme.
A trailblazing endeavour, this Thai rooster challenge is spearheaded by CPF in partnership with Nanoracks Llc, a leader in area innovation from the United States and Mu Space and Advanced Technology Co, a Southeast Asian firm specialising in area technology solutions.
The initiative aims to push the boundaries of food safety, making certain Thai hen meets stringent space-grade security requirements. Each Thai hen concerned within the scheme shall be meticulously evaluated based on rigorous area safety certifications.
Highlighting the importance of this enterprise, CPF’s Chief Executive, Prasit Boondoungprasert, expressed that it’s a testomony to CPF’s unwavering dedication to Thai hen meat safety. The objective is to secure a spot for CPF amongst the safest meat manufacturers worldwide. Achieving the difficult standards needed for house meals provides a sense of immense national satisfaction for Thailand, Prasit added.
“Undoubtedly, food security and quality take the lion’s share of our priorities at CP Foods. Teaming up with Nanoracks and Mu Space bolsters our determination to show Thai chicken’s compliance with space-level safety norms.”.
Eminent former NASA astronaut, Michael Massimino, lauded the mission, acknowledging its dual-fold advantages. On one hand, the trouble ensures astronauts a diverse and safe food regimen, whereas conversely, it globalises food security standards, thereby benefitting customers across the globe. Moreover, it places Thai chicken meat firmly on the worldwide map, reported Bangkok Post.
Massimino said…
“The resultant boost in the variety and safety of meals for astronauts has a knock-on impact on food safety worldwide, enhancing Thai cuisine’s international standing.”
Supporting Massimino’s sentiments, Vickie Kloeris, a seasoned NASA food scientist, counseled CP Foods for its dedication to rigorous security and dietary requirements. According to her, this ensures CPF’s Thai chicken is devoid of any chemical residues, antibiotics, or dangerous pathogens. Kloeris said…
“As a veteran food scientist, I endorse the importance of guaranteeing astronaut food offers top-notch safety and balanced vitamin. Cleanliness and disinfection are crucial. I am highly impressed with CP Foods’ manufacturing requirements. The antibiotic and hormone-free Thai hen aligns with NASA’s security parameters.”
Kloeris additionally shared her pleasure about astronauts experiencing Thai chicken dishes in space for the first time..

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