Trumped up: Asian elephant sleuth uncovers opium stash in Chinese forest, gains ‘undercover agent’ standing (video)

An Asian elephant turned detective sniffing out a stash of opium hidden in the undergrowth of a forest in the southwestern province of Yunnan, China. The occasion was captured in a video that has since made waves on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo, incomes the elephant the title of a secret agent in China’s ongoing battle in opposition to drug trafficking.
The video, which has been seen over 200 million occasions, follows a bunch of four elephants ambling via a forest path. Suddenly, one breaks away from the remainder, seemingly intrigued by something concealed within the grass. The elephant then makes use of its trunk to rigorously examine the bottom, finally tossing a black rucksack behind it and trumpeting loudly, as if asserting its discovery.
China National Radio reported that this incident unfolded while cops have been patrolling the border to stop elephants from getting into villages. They waited till all 4 elephants had moved to a safe distance before approaching the black bag. Upon inspection, they found it contained over 2.eight kilogrammes of opium, wrapped in clear plastic and layers of thick clothes. The police are at present investigating the incident, reported the Straits Times.

The elephant’s surprising involvement within the drug bust has led to a flurry of feedback from netizens. Many have praised the elephant’s spectacular sense of odor. One person expressed concern for the elephant’s safety, fearing that drug traffickers would possibly seek revenge. Hurry instructed that drug-sniffing canine could be out of a job and proposed training elephants to detect medication in exchange for treats.
In related news, a large wild elephant emerged onto a highway close to Khao Yai National Park, scary tourists who rapidly tried to reverse their automobiles. The incident occurred yesterday when the elephant left the forest, crossing the highway with out causing any harm before returning to the woodland space. To read extra click HERE

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