Vietnamese man who tried to paddle to India fell victim to romance scam

The Vietnamese man who tried to paddle an inflatable boat from Thailand to India to fulfill his “wife” was either scammed or “catfished,” where someone makes use of a faux profile online to deceive one other individual for money or private causes.
International media shops picked up the story of the 37 year outdated Vietnamese man who spent 18 days at sea on a quest to fulfill his love in person. But once the person shared a photo of his spouse to Thai media, people shortly recognised the girl in the picture. She was Indian TV actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya who has been married since 2016.
It’s unclear if the person behind the faux Facebook was scamming the man for financial achieve, or in the event that they have been simply deceiving him for private reasons. According to reviews in Thai media, the person claimed he met the lady in person back in 2019 while he was in India and that she shared her Facebook account with him. He mentioned they didn’t speak for 2 years, and he determined to paddle to India to see her.
The 37 yr old man spent 18 days in an inflatable boat, solely making it eighty kilometres of the two,500-kilometre journey earlier than the navy rescued him. He had no map, compass, or GPS to navigate him.
Ultimate suffered from exhaustion and was despatched to a hospital for remedy. The official website of the Royal Thai Navy shared that the Vietnamese man has travelled again to Vietnam by a speedboat.

SOURCE: Matichon | Thai News Agency

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