Oil-affected Rayong seaside will host Valentine’s Day occasion to celebrate reopening

Love will conquer all, including an oil spill off the Thai coastline. The Rayong beach where oil reached its shores final month will host a Valentine’s Day event called “Rayong in Love” to rejoice the beach’s reopening.
The event at Mae Ram Phueng Beach will start on Saturday, February 12, and end on Monday, February 14. The Rayong governor mentioned on Monday, Valentine’s Day, there shall be a marriage registration service on the beach with souvenirs. He also informed local Thai media there can be “fresh, clean, and secure seafood” from native fishermen. There were fears that the fallout from the oil spill would affect the native catch, however exams have been conducted over the previous week revealing that fish from the realm have not been affected.
The oil spill occurred in January when oil leaked from a pipeline owned by Star Petroleum Refining Public Company. The SPRC apologised and took accountability for the spill on Saturday, although the corporate disagreed with estimates on how much oil was spilled.
The estimated amount of spilled oil was 50,000 litres, however the firm insisted it was only 47,000 litres. After Trade secret and the Royal Navy cleared the oil from the shore, they closed the emergency centre that was in control of overseeing the cleanup.
During the start of the spill, divers checked sea grass, coral reefs, and marine life in Prao Bay and the marine nationwide park. The divers found all this stuff secure. Meanwhile, native volunteers helped clear oil that washed up on the beach..

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