Dr Yong says hurrying for a fourth vaccine is wasteful

Dr Yong Poovorwan is almost always the go-to particular person for explanations and opinions about Covid-19 as Thailand’s prime virologist. And now he is saying that it would be wasteful for folks in Thailand to race to get a fourth vaccine as many locations are discussing and launching second booster applications.
As the top of the Centre of Excellence in Clinical Virology on the Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University, Dr Yong is usually requested to comment in regards to the Covid-19 scenario, from new variants to vaccination advice. And now, after recently stressing Never again of having a third vaccine as a booster shot, he is taking to Facebook at present, telling people that a fourth vaccine is an unnecessary overkill in many conditions.
Quadruple explained the wastefulness of hurrying to get a second booster shot by drawing a comparability to a bowl of water. He mentioned every of the 2 original vaccine doses fills the bowl considerably, and the third booster shot provides enough water to fill the bowl completely. After the bowl is full, adding a fourth booster shot or any variety of additional vaccines will only waste the water that can spill over the edges of the complete container.
But he said, continuing the water bowl analogy, if you wait a while and permit some of the water to evaporate, then there is area again within the bowl for another vaccine to top it off once more. To that effect, a fourth vaccine must be administered no less than three months after a 3rd dose, and at least 6 months afterwards if the third dose was an mRNA vaccine.
He did reassure people that it’s not attainable to overdose on extreme vaccines, however Dr Yong warned in opposition to maxing out as vaccines can bring undesirable unwanted facet effects after receiving questions on his Facebook web page from individuals who had obtained as many as 5 vaccines. Some folks have pushed to get a fifth vaccine, reckoning that the original 2 Sinovac doses they received were thought-about pretty useless with the rise of the Delta variant and ought to be discounted..

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